Overview of the Yaggr-verse
Decentralised Borderless Money Market
The Yaggr-verse is a non-custodial liquidity network that enables financial settlement between interconnected parties who participate as depositors or borrowers.
An interconnected party is any user operating an interoperable ledger based platform for real-time authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA).
An example of an AAA user platform is Opt1mize Technologies CommSettle platform or a wallet such as Metamask, Bitgo or Trust Wallet.
The Yaggr decentralised application (dApp) is an EnreachDAO product that focuses on deposit based interactions for non-interest yield aggregation and compounding using the Yaggr Multiverse Smart Contracts.
Developers will be able to use Yaggr Multiverse Smart Contracts to build other functions and features.
​yaggr.dev - Yaggr-verse Smart Contracts
​yaggr.app - Yaggr dApp
​yaggr.com - Yaggr website
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