NRCH Governance

EnreachDAO ecosystem governance protocol

The Risk Committee shall govern the Monetary Policy of EnreachDAO ecosystem, but also the Elastic Reserve and Treasury.

Until 2.5m NRCH tokens are in circulation (Pre-Sale plus 1.25m NRCH emitted from farming), governance decisions will be led by the Risk Committee.

The initial governance rules once 2.5m NRCH in circulation are:

  • Governors are required to hold NRCH to vote in community governance

  • Risk Committee assess and evaluate proposals, with proposals requiring minimum 0.75% NRCH Supply to be put forward

  • Upon Risk Committee successful evaluation of proposal, minimum of 3.75% NRCH supply required to propose onchain vote for the Community

  • Votes proposed to Community require minimum 10% NRCH supply as quorum

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