NRCH Transactional Tax

Transactional Tax levied upon buy and sell transactions

When a user buys or sells the NRCH token on any Uniswap Version 2 AMM variant for Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain networks, the smart contract levies a 2% tax.

1% of transactional taxes are uniformly distributed to the 25 lodes within the NRCH smart contract across ALL interoperable blockchain networks (ie Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain).

The distribution of the above tax can be triggered from the below interface:

1% of transactional taxes are distributed to liquidity providers who deposit NRCH related LP tokens (ie NRCH-ETH or NRCH-BNB) on the Yaggr interface.

The distribution of this 1% tax is restricted to the blockchain network where the volume transacted (ie 1% of volume on PancakeSwap is distributed to depositors of NRCH-BNB LP tokens on Yaggr).

NOTE: When performing transactions on interoperable AMM platforms, set slippage to a minimum of 2.25% to complete the transactions. Setting slippage higher than this value could lead to your transactions being front run.

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