NRCH Lodes & Lode Timer

Curious Case of Lodes

The NRCH token is also an ecosystem within the overall EnreachDAO ecosystem.

The NRCH smart contract has an embedded trading game that allows holders of NRCH tokens to arbitrage additional NRCH tokens through participation of this game.

The below medium article details the Lode ecosystem inside the NRCH smart contract, whereby 1% of transactional taxes collected can be obtained by traders of NRCH tokens on AMM platforms such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap as well as holders of special featured NFTs.

Passive holders of NRCH are subject to penalties, such that after 25 days of inactivity, the passive holder will be penalised a third (33.3333%) of their NRCH balance due to inactivity. For example, a user purchases 300 NRCH on day 0 and is inactive for a further 25 days, such that by the end of day 24 and beginning of day 25 their balance will rebase down to 200 NRCH. The penalty is distributed into the Elastic Reserve.

Each time you sell and send NRCH, you jump from your current lode position to the lode of the current day. Lodes are taxed each 25 days, so if you move to the current lode of the day you made the transaction, you wont be taxed again for another 25 days.

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