Yaggr v1.0 dApp
Deposit based interactions for non-interest yield aggregation and compounding
The Yaggr dApp focuses on deposit based interactions for non-interest yield aggregation and compounding.
Yaggr v1 dApp is interoperable with MetaMask and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain network.
Yaggr v1 dApp will enable users to deposit NRCH-BNB LP tokens from PancakeSwap in order to receive additional yield.
User has 2 options when depositing NRCH-BNB LP tokens:
  1. 1.
    Deposit NRCH-BNB LP token and receive share of 1% Liquidity Provider tax for volume transacted on PancakeSwap
  2. 2.
    Deposit NRCH-BNB LP token, boost yield function by choosing option whereby user must deposit NRCH valued at 20% of NRCH-BNB LP token and lock LP token for 60 days. This option enables user to yield share of 1% Liquidity Provider tax plus 50% of the value of NRCH tokens deposited to lock the LP for 60 days.
After the 60 day locking period has lapsed, the user will be able to unstake the NRCH-BNB LP token as well as the 20% of NRCH deposited. At this point the user is presented with the reward of NRCH tokens as yield. The NRCH tokens rewarded are presented at 50% discount to the market value (Yield Harvest Fee) at point of removing the staked LP token.
An example of Option 2 and collecting reward is below:
  • Bob deposits $100k in value of NRCH-BNB LP token on Yaggrv1
  • Bob selects option to boost his yield
  • Bob is prompted to deposit a further $20k in NRCH tokens
  • Assume price of NRCH is $2, Bob deposits 10k NRCH tokens and locks NRCH-BNB LP token for 60 days
  • After 60 days, Bob is rewarded with 5k NRCH tokens but to collect the reward must purchase those tokens at 50% discount to market value
  • Assuming price of NRCH at point of removing the staked LP token is now $5, Bob must pay $12.5k in BNB to collect the 5k NRCH
  • Bob collects his LP token plus 15k NRCH tokens now worth $75k
Yaggr v1 dApp will also enable users to deposit NRCH tokens into a single token staking pool in order to receive additional yield. The participants of this pool will receive NRCH acquired on the open market using the Yield Harvest Fees collected from Yaggr farming activities.β€Œ Yaggr smart contracts are in-built with volume generation features. Such features have been designed to help curb the impact of inflationary reward using the Yield Harvest Fee.
Single sided staking will be locked for 90 days after point of stake. Since the NRCH-BNB LP farming is locked for 60 days, the 90 day period will allow for successful yield distribution to single sided stakers as a result of cycles of yield harvest fees being collected.
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