Trade Receivables as NFTs
Securitisation of receivables tokenised as NFTs
The original lite paper drafted in 2018 with the slogan "Reach Enrichment" was based on the premise of underwriting trade credit to Tier1 telecom operators and advancing funds to the vendors of Tier1 telecom operators. These advanced funds are secured against the invoices and the underlying trading transactions.
Here is an article discussing the funding opportunity.
EnreachDAO nFIAT liability tokens are fully integrated with Opt1mize financial technologies, thus enabling the nReserve DeFi Bank of EnreachDAO to acquire real world assets.
EnreachDAO will offer liquidity pools to underwrite trade credit to telecom operators interacting with Opt1mize CommSettle platform as well as investing in real world assets through Opt1mize receivables market place.
An example scenario for investing in receivables is as follows:
  • Stacy would like to acquire a trade receivable represented as a NFT
  • The NFT is subject to redemption in nUSD up to a maximum of 120 days from issuance
  • Stacy holds $100k of MULTI and $20k of NRCH
  • Stacy deposits MULTI and NRCH into the nReserve and draws down 100k cnUSD
  • Stacy invests 100k cnUSD into a trade receivable NFT that pays 101k nUSD after 60 days
  • Stacy stakes the NFT into nReserve smart contracts and draws down 100k snUSD
  • Stacy swaps snUSD into UST and longs LUNA on KuCoin and TSLA on TerraSwap
  • After 60 days Stacy sells her LUNA and TSLA bags collecting 120k UST
  • Stacy swaps enough UST to collect 100k snUSD
  • Stacy repays 100k snUSD to the nReserve and redeems the trade receivable NFT
  • Stacy redeems the NFT for 101k nUSD and swaps enough nUSD for 100k cnUSD
  • Stacy repays 100k cnUSD to the nReserve and redeems her MULTI and NRCH
  • Stacy now has her original MULTI and NRCH, plus 20k UST and 1k nUSD
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