TBC: Bristol Cars DAO
Bristol Cars™ is revived as a 21st century British Electric Vehicle company in time for the 80th year of its founding.
Bristol Cars is a car company specialising in electric vehicles, specifically middle mile trucks for logistics (£2.4B valued electric middle mile company). Tesla is the largest generator of Carbon Credits in the world today. It is anticipated that Bristol Cars will be competing on a global scale in Carbon Credit generation. Bristol Cars currently has orders ready to fulfil with customers such as Amazon and Heathrow Airport.
Ticker = BCDAO
Raise = 25m nGBP + £5m MULTI
Initial Supply = 3B (~£0.01/BCDAO)
Liquidity = £2.5m MULTI + BCDAO
Donation = £2.5m MULTI
  1. 1.
    Tokenise Receivables of debtors such as Amazon and Heathrow Airport
  2. 2.
    Exclusivity on tokenisation of Carbon Credits and Market making at 20% commission
  3. 3.
    Bristol Bullit exclusive hand made car, only 6 per annum built exchanged with only BCDAO token
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