What is RWA?
Real World Assets Exchange
RWA.exchange is an EnreachDAO platform that will begin by launching liquidity pools against tokenised real world assets (RWAs).
Tokenisation of RWAs as NFTs such as receivables (invoices) are a focus for EnreachDAO within the telecom sector through relationships with Tier1 operators.
Tokenisation of stocks for publicly listed companies on reputable exchanges are also a focus with EnreachDAO being hosted as an entity in Switzerland. Such opportunities are possible through operations in Switzerland (subject to legal).
RWA.Exchange will be akin to SushiSwap, Kashi and BentoBox strategies where RWA.Exchange, Yaggr, ChainSwitch and nReserve can combine to deliver a user experience of liquidity deployment, yield farming strategies, aggregation and compounding as well as lending against asset value across multiple blockchains, simultaneously.
Projects mentions in the following pages are in exploratory stage of tokenisation of their assets. Where the DAO focus is on Trade Receivables and partnering with real world projects who can add a bigger volume of trade receivables to be funded by EnreachDAO.
DISCLAIMER: Plans and collaborations with partner projects are subject to change and regulatory approval where applicable. The words mentioned in this document are speculative and may not necessarily result in approval of any partnership or collaboration with EnreachDAO.
The following sections will be used to create notes and updates on discussions ongoing with partner projects on tokenisation of assets. EnreachDAO members, in particular, founder Kashaf Bashir is very active discussing the vision of EnreachDAO with other projects. As more details can be given, updates will be made in this section of such activity.
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