Yaggr v2.0 dApp
Deposit based interactions for non-interest yield aggregation and compounding
The Yaggr dApp focuses on deposit based interactions for non-interest yield aggregation and compounding.
Yaggr v2 dApp is to be interoperable with MetaMask and smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain network.
Yaggr v2 introduces nFIAT farming as well as permission less pools to the ecosystem through incentivised farms as below:
Ecosystem Farms; 20% Deposit in NRCH ~ X% APY yielding NRCH & MACRO
  • NRCH-WBNB on BSC SushiSwap
  • NRCH-BUSD on BSC SushiSwap
  • MACRO-BNB on BSC SushiSwap
nReserve Farms: - 20% Deposit in NRCH ~ Y% APY yielding NRCH & MACRO
  • YAGGR-nEUR on BSC SushiSwap^
  • YAGGR-nUSD on BSC SushiSwap^
  • YAGGR-CIM on BSC SushiSwap*
(9,9) Farms: - 0% Deposit in NRCH ~ Z% APY yielding NRCH & MACRO
  • YAGGR-cnEUR on BSC SushiSwap^
  • YAGGR-cnUSD on BSC SushiSwap^
  • CIM-cnEUR on BSC Ellipsis.Finance*
  • CIM-cnUSD on BSC Ellipsis.Finance*
^ Loan cnFIAT to farm YAGGRcnFIAT. Deposit accepted is YAGGRnFIAT + 20% NRCH
* Loan cnFIAT to farm CIMcnFIAT. Deposit accepted is YAGGRCIM + 20% NRCH
BlackMagic Farms: - 20% Deposit in VOODOO ~ 40% APY yielding VOODOO (0.3% Stake Withdrawal Fee buyback NRCH)
  • BUSD-WBNB SLP on SushiSwap
  • USDT-WBNB SLP on SushiSwap
  • USDC-WBNB SLP on SushiSwap
  • CIM-3EPS on BSC Ellipsis.Finance
Single Token Pools: - 0.3% Stake Withdrawal Fee buyback NRCH
  • NRCH
  • 3EPS on Ellipsis.Finance
  • veGYRO on Gyro.Money
  • EPX on Ellipsis.Finance
  • sVOODOO on Blackmagic Money
  • BUSD on Blackmagic Money
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