TBC: yarb.finance
Single sided staking contract for MULTI and MACRO
yarb.finance is a simple smart contract that allows 2 parties to come together for single sided staking in specific LP pools.
In order to perform a liquidity absorption for MULTI, a user must deposit amounts of RFI or FAIR, DAI and NRCH into Yaggr smart contracts in order to initially provide liquidity to the MULTI-DAI pool. After 60 days the MULTI-DAI LP created from the absorption unlocks and the user is able to withdraw the LP token from Yaggr and break the LP token to redeem amounts of MULTI and DAI.
One of the parties can provide the RFI/FAIR and NRCH, as well as any associated DAI for swap fees and costs.The other side of the party can provide the DAI required to create the LP. The party providing the DAI for the LP would be paid their yield for providing the DAI by the party providing the RFI and NRCH.
An example scenario is detailed below:
  • Bob has 10,000 RFI tokens and 6,000 NRCH
  • Bob wishes to swap RFI into MULTI
  • Bob would need 5000 DAI for the swap fee and an additional 30,000 DAI for creating the MULTI-DAI LP on Yaggr
  • In addition, Bob would need $12k worth of NRCH to deposit alongside the MULTI-DAI LP to activate Yaggr
  • Instead Bob uses yarb.finance and deposits:
    • 10,000 RFI
    • 5000 DAI swap fee
    • 6,000 NRCH
    • 1,500 DAI fee to pay the party providing the 30,000 DAI (assuming 5% fee)
  • Stacy wishes to generate yield on her DAI
  • Stacy deposits 30,000 DAI to match Bobs assets for the single sided LP staking
  • Stacy receives 1,500 DAI fee paid by Bob for Stacy advancing DAI
  • Stacy and Bob have both now formed a MULTI-DAI LP token yield farming on Yaggr with an additional 6,000 NRCH deposited and locked for 60 days
  • After 60 days, the yarb.finance smart contract will pull the liquidity from Yaggr and break the LP token
  • The yarb.finance smart contract will repay Stacy her 30,000 DAI as the preferential creditor, but if there is insufficient DAI within the LP token, the smart contract will liquidate enough MULTI to cover the shortfall
  • The remainder of the MULTI, any residual DAI (if any) will be repaid to Bob
  • The yield harvested from Yaggr in MACRO and NRCH will be left for Bob to collect
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