TBC: Shareity Coin
Simple solution to building powerful customer friendships
Shareity believes in doing good, together. Shareity is a platform for people to raise money and value their social influence in partnership with brands and causes. Your influence matters.
The Shareity platform tracks the network effects on social media when individuals partaking in a campaign forward/share their action as part of the campaign. The Shareity platform will be integrated with MULTI so that network effects from sharing campaigns can be rewarded to those who partake and promote the campaign.
Shareity Coin
Raise = 2.5m nUSD + $3.5m MULTI
Initial Supply = 24m
Liquidity = $2.5m MULTI + SHAREITY
Donation = $1m MULTI
Utility = SHAREITY coin is the utility token representing usage of the Shareity platform. Currently the Shareity platform charges $0.25 per action/selfie and SHAREITY coins will be a payment of exchange for platform use per action/selfie when MULTI is the reward/donation for network effects.
  • Assume 1 SHAREITY = 8B MULTI = 0.25 DAI
  • The values of both Shareity and MULTI increase, such that;
  • 1 SHAREITY = 4B MULTI = 0.75 DAI
  • This would represent 3 credits on the Shareity platform
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