Get cnFIAT
How to acquire cnFIAT tokens
cnFIAT represents a liability token pegged to FIAT currencies when a cryptocurrency asset has been deposited into nReserve smart contracts along with 20% in value of NRCH tokens.
cnFIAT is not redeemable for FIAT and is not explicitly equivalent to nFIAT.
An example scenario for depositing crypto assets with 20% in value of NRCH:
  • Bob wishes to deposit 1 BTC which is valued at $40k in nReserve smart contracts
  • Bob is required to deposit $8k of NRCH token with his 1 BTC
  • NRCH is $2 per token and must deposit 4000 NRCH accompanying his 1 BTC
  • Bob deposits a total of $48k in liquidity from combined BTC and NRCH
  • Bob can draw a total of 40,000 cnUSD from the nReserve bank
  • Bobs maximum collateral ratio is 83.33%
Assets to be accepted initially into the nReserve smart contracts are as follows:
  • MULTI EUR Bonds
  • MULTI USD Bonds
  • MULTI CIM Bonds
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