What is nReserve?
Algorithmic Central Bank
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The nReserve DeFi Bank comprises of 3 elements:
  1. 1.
    nFIAT 1:1 backed with FIAT
  2. 2.
    cnFIAT collateralised crypto assets
  3. 3.
    snFIAT securitised NFT assets with future FIAT redemption
nFIAT is issued upon deposit of FIAT (EUR, USD and GBP).
cnFIAT is issued upon deposit of crypto assets including LP tokens plus 20% in value of NRCH. cnFIAT is not redeemable for FIAT unless swapped for nFIAT.
snFIAT is issued against securitised NFT assets such as Tier1 Telecom Receivables. snFIAT represents an equity draw down against a NFT that has a future value of FIAT to be collected upon redemption of acquired Tier1 Telecom Receivables.
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